Business Watch

The Business Watch is a collection of safety tips and information to assist you with training your employees to help combat theft - a majority of thefts can be avoided by knowing what to look for.

If you operate a business in Los Altos, participate in the Business Watch Program by filling out an online form with your business contact information and information pertaining to any anti-theft technology or equipment you may have on your premise. This program is strictly voluntary. If provided, your email address will be added to our Business Watch contact list.

Please see helpful tips to prevent shoplifting and robbery below and feel free to print the tips or save them to reference later. Also, If you would like to schedule a safety inspection with our staff or would like us to come talk with your employees about safety and prevention for your business, you may contact us at (650) 947-2775.

Shoplifting Prevention

Train your employees to be courteous and alert - a thief who thinks that he or she is being watched is less likely to steal. Know the signs of shoplifting, below are some common behaviors and things to watch for:

  • Seems nervous.
  • Avoids eye contact.
  • Wanders around the store without buying anything.
  • Leaves the store and returns to your business repeatedly in a short period of time.
  • Stays in an area of your business where he or she is hard to see.
  • Keeps watching you or is constantly looking around.

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Robbery Prevention

It is important to remember in protecting your business from robbery, to take preventive measures and make it obvious that those measures have been taken. Help reduce the likelihood of being robbed by:

  • Locking unused doors.
  • Avoid working alone. If you must, turn on a hidden radio or TV so robbers will think there is someone with you.
  • Vary the schedules and route for your bank deposits each day.
  • Keep as little cash as possible in the register(s) or teller drawers.
  • Avoid placing signs or displays near windows that block visibility from the street.
  • Use a drop safe to deposit excess cash.
  • Advertise your security alarm system with signs in visible locations.
  • Call 9-1-1 to report ANY suspicious activity in or near your business.

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