Transportation Services

The Traffic Engineering section oversees the City transportation network. Responsibilities include traffic operations, neighborhood traffic management, bicycle and pedestrian safety, design and maintenance of the traffic signal system, traffic control devices and pavement markings. The Traffic Engineering section also participates in regional transportation planning activities with the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.

Traffic Management Plan

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan was produced as a guideline for neighborhoods with traffic problems to request further analysis, and to design and construct engineering solutions if necessary.

The plan describes numerous traffic calming devices that may be selected by a neighborhood for placement on a street. Devices include speed humps, traffic circles or speed and warning signs. The Public Works Director may, at his discretion, install speed and warning signs and stop signs which meet standard warrants. With resident approval, the Director may install turn restriction signs and/or street trees.

The following devices require the approval of City Council, residents and staff in regards to safety, technical and financial feasibility:

  • Chokers and bulbouts
  • Forced -turn channelization
  • One way entrances and/or exits to two way streets
  • Speed humps
  • Street closings (cul-de-sacs)
  • Chicanes (a series of artificial curves in an otherwise straight street)
  • Traffic circles/Roundabouts/Islands

Each potential solution requires a 66.66% approval threshold of voting property owners and 100% approval of all property owners adjacent to the solutions that may be substantially impacted by noise or parking. Please use the Petition for Traffic Calming to collect approval signatures.

The neighborhood is required to fund 50% of the cost of installing or removing permanent traffic calming devices.

The following are some of the traffic calming devices in Los Altos: