Sewer Service Charge Calculation

Los Altos Municipal Code Chapter 10.12 authorizes the City to impose sewer service charges to fund costs associated with the City's sanitary sewer system. On July 9, 2013 the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 2013-394 which establishes the initial pre-parcel sewer service charge comprised of a fixed charge per dwelling unit plus a quantity charge per estimated sewer unit.

The quantity charge is based on water consumption data provided by the California Water Company for the previous year. The overall three lowest months for water use in the City were selected as the wettest months in the year, that they represent a reasonable approximation of the amount of sewer used. Water usage is averaged and multiplied by 12 to calculate the total estimated annual sewer usage.

For FY2016/17, the initial pre-parcel sewer service charge is $244.25 per dwelling unit, plus a quantity charge of $1.94 per estimated sewer unit (1 estimated sewer unit is calculated as 748 gallons of wet season metered water use).

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