Planting & Removing City Trees

If a resident wishes to remove or plant a tree in a City right-of-way, a no-fee permit is required to be submitted to the City's Maintenance Division. Permission to remove or plant a tree may or may not be issued after review of the permit and proposed removal or planting, depending on established criteria.

To petition to have a tree removed or planted, please follow the steps below:

Questions about removal of trees on private property can be directed to the Planning Division at (650) 947-2750. 

Planting a Tree

After obtaining approval of the permit, a property owner may purchase and plant a tree in the right-of-way. The tree must be selected from the City's Approved Street Tree List and the permit will dictate the category of street tree you are allowed to plant. 

The installation of a root shield may be required per the City's Standard Tree Planting Detail. The effort to plant the right tree in the right planting site will help reduce future problems as the tree grows.

Street Tree Planting Program

The City plants trees in residential and commercial areas once a year and only in a limited number. Neighborhoods without street trees have the first priority when scheduling planting; requests will be considered if there are surplus trees. All trees paid for and planted by the City are 15-gallon nursery stock.

If you wish to be added to the Street Tree Planting Program list, contact Maintenance Services at (650) 947-2875.