City Mission

The mission of our city staff, council, commissions, committees and volunteers is to foster and maintain the City of Los Altos as a great place to live and to raise a family.

To accomplish this we shall:

  • Assure responsive and reliable police, fire, sewer, garbage, cable TV and animal control services;
  • Maintain and improve city streets, parks and municipal facilities;
  • Provide leadership and oversight in city-wide planning and construction to assure orderly, safe and attractive development;
  • Encourage and regulate local businesses to provide the products and services needed by residents and property owners, where they need them;
  • Provide recreation facilities and services, especially for families and senior citizens;
  • Preserve our historical and cultural roots;
  • Maintain liaison and cooperation with local schools, organizations and agencies, neighboring cities, and the county, region, state, and federal governments to fulfill our obligations and take advantage of our opportunities; and
  • Nurture and promote the traditions of volunteerism, philanthropy and participation that transform our city into a vibrant, caring community.