Public Arts Commission Work Plan

The Public Arts Commission's Work Plan outlines the goals for 2015/16.

City-wide Public Art Program

  • Explore and recommend funding options for public art projects
  • Develop and recommend a policy for public/private partnerships for placement of public art
  • Research murals, gateways, digital art, etc. for placement within the City
  • Research and recommend costs, potential artists and specifications for installation of 3 different mediums of art within the City
  • Conduct two community art projects
  • Continue recommending opportunities for incorporation of interior and exterior spaces for art within the Community Center Redevelopment

Artistic Bike Racks

  • Develop and recommend a plan for City installation of artistic bike racks

Outdoor Sculpture Program

  • Issue a Call for Sculptures
  • Monitor and recommend actions for loaned sculptures
  • Monitor permanent sculptures for maintenance needs
  • Acquire plaques for all sculptures

Community Outreach

  • Develop bike, walking and auto tours of Public Art
  • Develop QR codes for outdoor sculptures
  • Review public art portion of City website and provide recommendations on content
  • Explore public arts educational opportunities for community groups
  • Gather public input regarding public art