Los Altos Tiny Tots

Los Altos Tiny Tots is a play-based preschool program, which serves three, four and five year olds. The 3s and 4s program takes place at the Historic San Antonio Club, while our Kinder Prep program is held at the Hillview Community Center.

Visit the Enrollment page for more information on how to get your child involved in Los Altos Tiny Tots.

Tiny Tots Philosophy

Tiny Tots is a play-based preschool program with a philosophy that acknowledges and respects the uniqueness of each child. We believe that a strong sense of self-esteem is developed through experiencing success in an age-appropriate environment, with a curriculum emphasizing social recreation and building positive self worth.

Los Altos Tiny Tots and Kinder Prep emphasize physical, social and emotional growth in a fun, child-centered environment. Activities include arts and crafts, music, body movement, basic science, cognitive games, creative play, cooking, circle and story times. Children are engaged through all developmental areas, while allowing for individual differences in learning styles and encouraging creativity through play-based experiences.