LAYT Standard Audition Process

Auditions at LAYT are held over two days, usually two consecutive weekday afternoons from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Youth should plan on attending one of the audition dates and bring with them a completed audition form and review the information for auditionees. Youth will then be called to audition. The process usually takes about one hour.

Sometimes you will be asked to prepare something - a speech, poem or song - for your audition. If you are unsure of the requirement, call us at (650) 947-2796.

What to Prepare
Choose something that will show us what you can do. Be sure you understand your piece and have practiced enough to perform it smoothly. A short, simple speech that you do really well is a good choice. You need to be loud enough so that everyone can hear you and to speak with expression.

If you are singing, choose a song in your range. Bring sheet music in your key. We will provide an accompanist.

Callbacks are usually held a day or two after the auditions. Some people will be called to read for particular parts. Sometimes we do not need to see you again to fit you into a part, so you should always check the cast list even if you are not called back.

Audition Tips
Make the most of your audition by following this guide:

  • Come to auditions prepared!
  • Be dressed appropriately and neatly!
  • Note any scheduling conflicts for the next couple of months and bring them with you.
  • Be courteous and respectful of your fellow actors and the staff.
  • Remember to say thank you for the opportunity to audition - this shows courteousness and good form.