Halloween Window Painting Contest

Painting at Miyo Yogurt!

Since 1963, shop windows in downtown Los Altos have been dressing up for Halloween through the efforts of local students! The 53rd Annual Halloween Window Painting Contest, which is open to youth in grades 4-12, has come to a close and we'd like to recognize the winners in each grade level. Each of the winners and contestants will be recognized at the November Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting.

4th Grade Winners

1st Place: Ashley Dillon at Paperwhirl
2nd Place: Shelby Stevens at IKB Designs & Construction
3rd Place: Caroline Koltek at Village Stationers

5th Grade Winners

1st Place: Cherish Wurts at Baskin Robbins
2nd Place: Ben Freda-Eskenazi at Cranberry Scoop
3rd Place: Sadie Gracon at United Studios of Self Defense

6th Grade Winners

1st Place: Alyssa Manche at Clickaway Verizon
2nd Place: Devon Swanson at Clickaway Verizon
3rd Place: Salma Siddiqui at Clickaway Verizon

7th Grade Winners

1st Place: Meredith Sanders at Clickaway Verizon
2nd Place: Natalie Lo at The Girls @ Los Altos
3rd Place: Alexandra Burke Hull at United Studios of Self Defense

8th Grade Winners

1st Place: Ella Freda-Eskenazi at Cranberry Scoop
2nd Place: Katherine Richardson at Los Altos Vet Clinic
3rd Place: Olivia Colace at Chase Bank

High School

Tie for 1st Place
1st Place: Shilpa Rao at Alkalign Studios
1st Place: Zoie Smith at Alkalign Studios

Thank You

Thank you to all the participants as well as our fabulous business owners for allowing this holiday tradition to continue year-after-year. 

Be sure to visit Downtown Los Altos to view the Spooktacular painting designs! The designs will be up through Halloween, Monday, October 31, 2016.

2016 Window Painting Designs

Alexandra Burke
Alyssa Manche
Ashley Dillon
Ben Freda-Eskenazi
Caroline Koltek
Cherish Wurts
Devon Swanson
Ella Freda-Eskenazi
Katherine Richardson
Meredith Sanders
Natalie Lo
Olivia Colace
Sadie Gracon
Shelby Stevens
Shilpa Rao
Zoie Smith