About LAYT

The City of Los Altos Youth Theatre

The City of Los Altos Youth Theatre is an educational program dedicated to developing skills and interest in the dramatic arts. Growing out of a series of theatre programs, and dating back to the beginning of the Los Altos Recreation Program, the theatre operates year-round, producing three shows per year at the Bus Barn Theater. 


Our goal is to create a caring family environment where all members of the family are treated well and are respected. Theatre is a celebration of the human spirit. We honor that spirit.

Both the quality of the productions and the quality of the actors' experiences are considered and consciously cultivated when we hire staff, choose shows, run rehearsals, and work with actors.

Plays suitable for audiences of various ages and at various levels of difficulty are included in each season. We make an effort to include all who audition but the small size of the theater and the nature of some shows limits participation.

At LAYT, we emphasize teaching acting skills. We expect that everyone cast will be a better actor by the end of the show. We expect each director to be a teacher as well as a manager and creative force behind the production.


Several of our alumni are now theatre professionals. Many have completed degrees in theatre or related fields. Some have appeared in movies, national television and commercials. We are very proud of what our program currently offers our actors and audiences.