Annual Concrete Repair

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Health & Safety
Project Lead: 
M. Bocalan
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Year Adopted:
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Completion Date: 
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Los Altos, CA 94022/94024

The annual concrete sidewalk and curb/gutter repair project is intended to address the highest priority repair locations. The primary focus is on the replacement of damaged sidewalks that represent hazards to pedestrians. This project will address cracks or uplifted sidewalks that could cause a “trip and fall” type accident. 

This project provides for replacement of cracked or uplifted sidewalks throughout the City that cannot be patched or ground down. This project is expected to begin in July and be completed by mid-September.

Damaged Concrete Sidewalk
Damaged Curb and Gutter
Damaged Curb and Gutter
Damaged Concrete Sidewalk
Damaged Concrete Sidewalk
Damaged Concrete Sidewalk