Guardian by Karen Cauvin Eustis

Title: Guardian

Artist: Karen Cauvin Eustis

Installed: 2013

Location: State Street & Fourth Street

Guardian is currently on loan to the City from the artist, Karen Cauvin Eustis.

"The Guardian evolved over a two year period. She was due to be installed in Waveland, Mississippi literally the day hurricane Katrina ravaged Waveland destroying the entire beach front for miles. Nothing was left there at ground zero where the center of the storm came ashore. She was conceived and worked joyously to be displayed at this beachfront property. She was to be a Guardian of the coast line: a bit ironic and heart breaking to say the least. As time passed, I realized her destiny had changed and evolved with this event. Her original purpose was still there but she had developed a new meaning.

She was destined to be a symbol of new hope. Conceived from joy and wonder she was born out of tragedy. I now believe she acts as a 'guardian of hope.' The Guardian is a loving reminder that 'We are the stuff of miracles, dreams, new hopes and new futures." - Karen Cauvin Eustis