Neighborhood Watch

Los Altos Neighborhood Watch Program

The Neighborhood Watch program is a cooperative program between residents and the Police Department. Individual neighborhoods are encouraged to unite and form their own groups.

The Police Department can assist you in forming a Watch group or get you connected with your Neighborhood Watch Captain. For assistance with either, please submit a Neighborhood Watch Information Form or contact Crime Prevention at (650) 947-2775.

Neighborhood Crime Watch Bulletin

If you join your Neighborhood Watch you will receive the Neighborhood Crime Watch Bulletin which is a monthly bulletin that summarizes the property crimes that have occurred around Los Altos. 

Crime Prevention Tips

Burglaries are often random crimes of opportunity. In an effort to protect you, your family and property we offer the following crime prevention tips:

  • Always lock up: An unlocked door or window is an open invitation to a thief. Most homes are unlawfully entered through an unlocked door or window.
  • Report suspicious activity: Many criminals case neighborhoods looking for residents’ patterns of activity. If you see suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood, report your observations to the Police Department right away.
  • Daytime occurrences: Professional thieves know most people work during the day, so most break-ins occur during daytime hours.
  • Get to know your neighbors: The most valuable tool is a good neighbor - especially stay-at-home parents or people who are retired or who work from home - as they can be a watchful eye in your neighborhood during the day.
  • Use anti-theft devices: Alarms, video surveillance cameras, dogs, lighting, and defensible plants, such as roses and citrus bushes, are a deterrent to criminals.
  • Well-lit homes: Be sure you have good lighting surrounding the exterior of your home and use timers on inside lighting when you are not home.
  • Operation identification: Create an inventory list of all valuables marked with your Driver License number or other identification number. For more details, contact your Crime Prevention Officer at (650) 947-2775.

Dial 9-1-1 immediately to report a crime in progress and any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles in your neighborhood.