Immigration Information

Immigration information

Those seeking to obtain a police clearance letter for immigration purposes may choose from the following options:

1.  Los Altos Police Department will provide clearance letters if:

  • IUS CIS specifies your fingerprints were rejected and that you need a police clearance letter
  • A visa is required to travel outside the US for employment, school, church or adoption purposes

Proper identification, such as a valid photo ID, Driver’s License, or Passport is required. You must supply the mailing address of the consulate or embassy the letter needs to be addressed to. In cases when the letter needs to be sent in care of another agency, both addresses must be provided. Clearance letters are processed at the time of the request and will be sealed and handed to you. You must bring your own notary if you need the letter notarized. If a criminal record exists for a requestor, the letter is processed and mailed directly to the entity requiring this information.

Please complete the Clearance Letter Application and bring it with you when you present your photo identification to the Records staff.

2.  California Department of Justice (DOJ) 
The DOJ will provide a statewide criminal clearance if you are an immigration applicant and you have been directed to obtain California or local clearances by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service by a United States consulate or embassy, or by a foreign government for emigration from the United States. Processing time is approximately three to four weeks. For recorded DOJ clearance letter information, call (916) 227-3835 or visit the DOJ Office of the Attorney General website.

3. Federal Bureau of Investigation
You may also request a clearance letter for the purposes of immigration, emigration and visas from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI furnishes national clearances directly to the embassy or consulate that is processing the applicant. For further information regarding an FBI clearance letter, please call the FBI at (202) 324-3000 or visit the FBI website.