Alarm Systems

An alarm permit is required for both residential and business alarm systems in Los Altos. (LAMC § 6.04)

The City of Los Altos contracts with CryWolf to handle the Los Altos False Alarm Reduction Program (LAFARP), which was enacted by legislation to encourage alarm users to maintain operational reliable equipment, promote proper use of alarm systems and reduce the amount of costly false alarms. 

Contact CryWolf Los Altos FARP to secure your business or residential alarm system permit:

P.O. Box 748216
Los Angeles, CA 90074-8216
Customer Service: (855) 372-4728

The cost for an initial alarm permit is $37.00, with an annual renewal fee of $37.00. You are allowed two (2) false alarms per calendar year and each false alarm thereafter is $215.00 per occurrence.


Prior to enacting the LAFARP, the Los Altos Police Department responded to hundreds of false residential and business alarms. False alarms are costly and a major public safety concern as they unnecessarily divert law enforcement resources. The three main causes of false alarms are user error, installation error and equipment failure.

Preventing False Alarms

In addition to having your security company service your system regularly, the following tips may also help prevent false alarms:

  • Lock all protected doors and windows
  • Keep pets, balloons, fans, heaters, plants, curtains, etc. away from motion sensor areas
  • Educate system users: All users, key holders or any person with legal access to your property must be thoroughly trained on how to operate your system, including knowledge of correct arming codes, pass codes, telephone numbers and procedures for canceling accidental alarm activations

Be sure to notify your alarm company if:

  • You think the system is not working properly
  • You plan any remodeling, including replacing doors, windows, hanging drywall, sanding floors, changing phone systems, fumigating, installing wiring for cabling or other electronics, installing anything near the control panel or keypads
  • You hire domestic help, get a new pet, plan to sell your house or are testing your system