Joint Community Volunteer Service Awards Committee

The Committee is organized jointly by the City of Los Altos and the City of Los Altos Hills as a non-profit effort to recognize volunteers who have benefitted these two communities. The recognition is during an annual luncheon (the "Recognition Luncheon") generally held during one of the first Fridays of each December, for which tickets are sold to the public.

The duties and responsibilities of the Committee are to seek and request applications from various organizations and persons for nominations for the potential awardees, select the awardees to be recognized, organize the Recognition Luncheon, and present the awards at the Recognition Luncheon.

Committee members each are appointed by the Los Altos City Council and the Los Altos Hills City Council. They serve for a term of four years and may be reappointed to an additional four-year term.

For more specific information, check out the Committee's Bylaws.


The Committee does not have a regular meeting date, however, there will normally be five to seven meetings prior to each Recognition Luncheon, generally held in the Fall. There will also be a wrap-up meeting held in January. Please use the subscribe button on the right of this page if you would like to be notified as meeting dates are scheduled.

Name Term Term Expiration
John Cardoza (Los Altos) 2nd March 2019
Edward Infante (Los Altos) 1st March 2017
Sunita Mehta (Los Altos) 2nd March 2019
Paul Nyberg (Los Altos) 2nd March 2017
Dennis Young (Los Altos) 1st March 2019
Morvari Ahi​ (Los Altos Hills) 1st March 2019
Benjamin Gikis (Los Altos Hills) 1st March 2017
Rebecca Hickman (Los Altos Hills) 2nd March 2019
Patty Radlo (Los Altos Hills) 2nd March 2017
Jerry Tomanek (Los Altos Hills) 1st March 2019
Jean Mordo (Los Altos) Council Representative
Gary Waldeck (Los Altos Hills) Council Representative