Employee Benefits

The following table provides a general summary of the City's benefits. Benefits may vary based upon the position.

Vacation Two to four weeks per year based on length of service
Holidays Twelve holidays per year: 10 observed holidays and two floating holidays
Sick Leave Twelve days per year
Medical Insurance Choice of PPO and HMO health plans through CalPERS. The City and the employee share the cost of medical premium.
Dental Plan City-funded dental reimbursement plan for employee and dependents

CalPERS Retirement Program

3rd Tier - Employees hired on or after January 1, 2013 who are new members in the CalPERS Retirement System or who have had a break in service from CalPERS for more than 6 months. Retirement formulas are:

  • 2.0% @ 62 miscellaneous plan
  • 2.7% @ 55 safety plan

Under PEPRA Retirement law, the employee and employer pay 50% of normal cost for the retirement contribution. FY 2013/14 - 50% cost of retirement contribution is:

  • 6.25% miscellaneous plan
  • 11.50% safety plan

Three highest year retirement calculation and survivor options

2nd Tier - Employees hired after October 2011                                              CalPERS Retirement System formulas are:

  • 2.0% @ 60 miscellaneous plan
  • 3% @ 55 safety plan

Employee pays full amount of employee retirement contribution or 7% for miscellaneous or 9% for safety. Three highest year retirement calculation and survivor options.  

1st Tier - Classic employees, hired before October 2011                             CalPERS Retirement System formulas are 

  • 2.7% @ 55 miscellaneous plan
  • 3% @ 50 safety plan.

City contributes a percentage of the employee's retirement contribution (EPMC). Single highest year and survivor options

The City does not contribute to Social Security

Deferred Compensation Employees may contribute pre-tax dollars towards a retirement savings plan through ICMA Retirement corporation or Nationwide Retirement Solutions
Life Insurance 150% of salary up to a maximum of $150,000. Additional employee and dependent insurance available at group rates
Long Term Disability Voluntary LTD plan available for employee purchase
Employee Assistance Plan City sponsored EAP - 5 visits per year for employees and dependents
Flexible Spending Account Section 125 Plan for pre-tax payment of out-of-pocket health expenses, dependent care and city sponsored insurance premiums