Historical Commission

The Historical Commission is a seven member body, appointed by the Los Altos City Council, with four broad purposes and objectives:

  • Cooperates with other governmental agencies, civic groups, and the community on collection and preservation of documents, data, and other works of historical significance to Los Altos
  • Strives to identify, protect, and promote awareness of the city's heritage
  • Makes recommendations on historical site designations
  • Cooperates with the The Association of the Los Altos Historical Museum

The Commission meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Meeting Chambers, Los Altos City Hall, 1 North San Antonio Road.

Name Term Term Expiration
Walter Chapman 2nd September 2018
Vacant 1st September 2016
Janis Ahmadjian-Baer, Chair 2nd September 2018
Frank Bishop 2nd September 2016
Margo Horn 1st September 2018
Nomi Trapnell, Vice-Chair 1st September 2018
Denise Welsh 2nd September 2016
Sean Gallegos Staff Liaison