Historic Preservation Regulations

It is hereby declared as a matter of public policy that the recognition, preservation, enhancement and use of historic resources within the City of Los Altos is required in the interest of health, economic prosperity, cultural enrichment and general welfare of the people. The purpose of this chapter is to:

  1. Safeguard the heritage of the city by providing for the protection of irreplaceable historic resources representing significant elements of its history;
  2. Enhance the visual character of the city by encouraging the compatibility of architectural styles which reflect established architectural traditions;
  3. Encourage public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the city's past, and foster civic and neighborhood pride and sense of identity based upon the recognition and use of the city's historic resources;
  4. Stabilize and improve property values within the city and increase the economic and financial benefits to the city and its inhabitants derived from the preservation, rehabilitation, and use of historic resources;
  5. Integrate the conservation of historic resources into the public and private development process and identify as early as possible and resolve conflicts between the preservation of such resources and alternative land uses; and
  6. Fulfill the city's responsibilities for Federal Section 106 reviews and for the California Environmental Quality Act.

LAMC - Historic Preservation Ordinance

Historic Resources Inventory (Full Document)