Water Usage in Los Altos

According to our local water retailer, Calwater, the 2009 Los Altos district residential water use per day (GPCD) was 165 gallons/person and about 543 gallons/household. Check your water bill or go to the Cal Water website to see your 2010 usage and from that you can understand what your usage should be in 2015 and 2020.

Los Altos uses a lot of water relative to neighboring communities, as shown in the table below:

City Residential Gallons Used* City Residential Gallons Used*
Los Altos Hills 256 Sunnyvale 83
Los Altos 157 Redwood City 73
Palo Alto 96 Mountain view 72
Menlo Park 94 East Palo Alto 46







*Annual residential gallons per day from July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010.
Source: Los Altos data is from CalWater. All other numbers from BAWSCA.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District estimates that local resident water use is divided in the following ways:

Percent of Residential Use
Outdoors 52% Leaks 9%
Toilets 10% Faucets 8%
Shower 10% Baths 1%
Laundry 10% Dishwashers 1%