Hosting a Green Event

Greening an Event

The following information is designed to help minimize the negative impact of social gatherings on the environment.

Generally, the environmental impacts of events are generated by materials consumed and disposed of before, during and after the event, as well as guests' transportation to and from the event location.

These potential sources of impact can be significantly curbed with proactive, thoughtful and green-minded planning.

Wondering where to start when greening an event?

Here are some tips:

  • Provide recycling and compost bins, as well as proper signage to instruct guests on what things belong in each bin
  • Encourage carpooling, or host your event in a centrally-located area to your guests
  • Consider locally-sourced and organic food options
  • Provide reusable cups instead of disposable
  • If printing signage, avoid printing the date so that the sign may be reused at the next event
  • Send invitations electronically, instead of through the mail

An event guide, Green Event Guidelines document will help with greening an event.