Environmental Commission Work Plan

The Environmental Commission's Work Plan outlines the goals for 2013/14.

Community Education and Outreach

  • Identify gaps and update information. Migrate to new City website.
  • Develop Public Information Forums
  • Identify parameters for a City environmental performance dashboard

Climate Action Plan

  • Gather public input and aid in developing the Los Altos Climate Action Plan

Watershed Stewardship

  • Post signage on bridges over local streams
  • Study stream water quality

Solid Waste Diversion and Source Reduction Practices

  • Provide suggestions for next steps to increase recycling and diversion rates

Restrictions for Use of Selected Environmentally Harmful Products

  • Assist with community outreach for single-use plastic bag ban
  • Assist staff with community outreach for polystyrene (EPS) ban

Green Business Practices

  • Investigate implementing a Green Business Initiative in Los Altos