Customer Parking Permits - "Yellow Book Passes"

The City of Los Altos offers downtown businesses the option to purchase a book of 25 all-day parking permits at a cost of $25, to be used in any of the 10 downtown parking plazas.

All-Day Parking Permit Rules and Regulations
  • The cost of the permit books is $25; 25 permits are included in each book. All-day parking permits are not sold individually. No refunds will be issued for unused permit books.
  • Permits are expected to be provided to customers free of charge; permits are not to be resold to customers.
  • All-day permits may be used only in the parking plazas; permits are not valid for on-street parking. Permits are also not valid for handicapped stalls, 20-minute zones and loading zones.
  • When issuing a permit, please be sure to write the date of use on the permit in ink. If a permit does not show the date of use, it will be considered invalid and a citation may be issued.
  • Permits must be displayed on the bottom corner of the passenger-side front windshield. If the permit is not properly displayed, a citation may be issued.
Purchasing All-Day Permit Books

All-day permit books may be purchased through the City of Los Altos Police Department located at 1 N. San Antonio Road. Payment may be made by cash, check or money order.

For more information, call Jennifer Quinn, Economic Development Manager at (650) 947-2620 or email