Forms and Handouts

Planning Handouts and Forms

Below is a list of links to commonly used forms and informational handouts.


General Application
Neighborhood Compatibility Worksheet
Outdoor Display Permit Application & Materials
Tree Removal Permit Application


Accessory Structure Handout
Business Tenant Notification Instructions for Commercial Development
Certificate of Compliance
Childcare - Preschools
Commercial Trash Enclosures
Commercial & Multi-Family Design Review Submittal Requirements
Commercial TI and Minor Additions Design Review Submittal Requirements
Construction Equipment BMP Handout
Construction Hours
Construction Management Plan Submittal Requirements
Density Bonus Report Submittal Requirements
Family Daycare
Fence Regulations
Historical Commission Review Process
Home Occupation
Lot Line Adjustment Submittal Requirements
New Development Climate Action Plan Checklist
New Development Construction Site BMPs
One-Story Residential Design Review Submittal Requirements
Parking Standards Exhibit A
Preliminary Project Review Submittal Requirements
R1-10 Minimum Subdivision Requirements
R1-10 Single-Family Residential District Regulations
R1-S Single-Story Overlay District
Requirements for Copper Roofs and Other Architectural Copper
Signs on Private Property
Signs on Public Property
Sign Review Submittal Requirements
Storage In Yards Requirements
Tentative Map Submittal Requirements
Two-Story Residential Design Review Submittal Requirements
Use Permit Submittal Requirements
Variance (Residential) Submittal Requirements
Water Efficient Landscape Requirements
Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance and Appendices
Wireless Facility Submittal Requirements
Zoning Change, General Plan or Code Amendment Submittal Requirements


If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the Planning Division at (650) 947-2750.