Downtown Parking Management Plan

Downtown Los Altos

In July 2012, the City Council approved staff to work with a consultant to create a Downtown Parking Management Plan to address parking challenges in the downtown area. The final Downtown Parking Management Plan was adopted in September 2013, and will serve as a framework for the implementation of parking management and supply strategies in the downtown area.

The City of Los Altos has identified the following priorities for the Downtown Parking Management Plan:

  • To provide access to convenient parking for downtown customers, employees, and visitors;
  • To support and encourage continued investment in the downtown core;
  • To manage supply efficiently to avoid unnecessary investment;
  • To identify, plan, or establish potential reserve of parking supply to facilitate future development; and
  • To mitigate spillover parking in residential neighborhoods.

The full report is available for review below.

Downtown Parking Management Plan

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Existing Conditions Analysis
Chapter 2: Parking Management Recommendations
Chapter 3: Demand Analysis
Chapter 4: Parking Supply Augmentation Analysis
Chapter 5: Finance Strategies & Implementation


Appendix 1A: Council Review of Downtown Parking Management Recommendations
Appendix 2A: Parking Comparables
Appendix 2B: Technology Cost Comparison
Appendix 3A: Downtown Shared Parking Agreement between Safeway, Inc. and the City of Los Altos
Appendix 3B: Parking Demand Tables
Appendix 4A: Parking Plaza Layouts & Cost Analysis