Hillview Community Center and Park

Kids playing soccer at Hillview Park

The City spent the last several years working with the community to develop a plan to replace Hillview Community Center and Park. At nearly 70 years old, the Community Center does not meet the functional needs of recreational programming and has reached the end of its useful life.

Acknowledging that a prior plan developed in 2009 was not in line with the community’s expectations, the City re-engaged with residents and developed an updated plan which included three project components:

  1. Replacing the existing recreation facilities at Hillview Community Center with a new, multi-use facility for recreational, social and educational programs and services
  2. Building community pool facilities
  3. Improving Hillview Park, open space, and sports fields

The project was estimated to cost $87 million. Of this, the City proposed to contribute up to $25 million of existing funds to the project. Additionally, the City Council placed a measure on the November 2015 ballot asking Los Altos voters to approve a $65 million general obligation bond. The bond measure did not achieve the necessary 2/3 majority voter approval and thus was unsuccessful. 

The City Council is expected to determine next steps for the project in 2016.