Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

The Los Altos City Council has approved a number of Green Initiatives to put the City on a more sustainable path for the future. Additional factors influencing Green Initiatives in the City include regional and federal programs and initiatives which seek to ease negative environmental impacts.

Green Initiatives implemented in the City of Los Altos include:

Environmental Resources Dashboard
The Dashboard provides foundational data covering aggregate annual resource use, GHG emissions and associated trends, relative to the City's Climate Action Plan.  

Water Conservation
The City of Los Altos is responding to the historic drought conditions in California by practicing and encouraging water conservation.  

Los Altos Polystyrene Ban
Effective July 4, 2014, polystyrene foam container-ware and other products made from polystyrene will be prohibited from use in the City.

Los Altos Reusable Bag Ordinance
Enacted in July 2013, retailers in Los Altos are prohibited from providing customers with single-use plastic carryout bags.