Council Subcommittees

The City Council creates subcommittees as needed to accomplish the work of the Council. Subcommittees are categorized into two categories: Standing and Ad Hoc. 

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are more permanent in nature and address on-going areas of interest to the City Council. Standing Committees are subject to the Brown Act. Two standing committees currently exists, the City/Schools Issues Committee and the Council Youth Commission Interview Committee.

  • City/Schools Issues Committee: The purpose of the subcommittee is to facilitate communication between the Council and the School Board on issues of mutual concern by both legislative bodies, as directed by the City Council and/or School Board.
  • Council Youth Commission Interview Committee: The Council Youth Commission Interview Committee consists of two members of the City Council and is responsible for conducting interviews of applicants for the Youth Commission and making recommendations to the City Council regarding the appointments. 
Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees (sometimes referred to as Task Forces) are more temporary in nature and focus on a specific topic. Ad Hoc Committees typically last less than a year in nature and are disbanded upon completion of the committee’s work. Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces may be subject to the Brown Act depending on composition. If an Ad Hoc Committee or Task Force is not subject to the Brown Act, all efforts shall be made to provide as much notice to the public as possible.

  • City-wide Parking Ad Hoc Committee: The City-wide Parking Ad Hoc Committee will review the City’s existing parking ratios and their application across all business districts. The parking calculations of all recent development projects will also be reviewed along with the adequacy of the current parking ratios in view of actual demands.
  • Downtown Buildings Ad Hoc Committee: The Downtown Buildings Ad Hoc Committee will review recently-completed buildings in downtown Los Altos in the context of the current zoning regulations, the adopted Downtown Design Guidelines and Downtown Design Plan, the results of downtown surveys conducted by the City, and the General Plan.