City Council Priorities

The Los Altos City Council has identified the following key areas as the highest priority items for the 2014 calendar year. Priorities were approved by City Council at the January 14, 2014 regular City Council meeting.

Community Center

  • Approve a Community Center redevelopment plan, including a public engagement plan
  • Examine funding strategies and partnerships
  • Explore connectivity to Downtown

Community Engagement

  • Support creation of an ad hoc subcommittee with agreed upon scope and expectations; subcommittee to present opportunities for enhancements with expected costs/benefits 
  • Market existing communication tools (with an emphasis on public safety) and develop measurable goals to increase use of those tools

Downtown Parking

  • Implement selected short-term solutions from Downtown Parking Management Plan
  • Consider a policy for developers to reconfigure a parking plaza
  • Develop a long-term parking solution plan of action

Prudent Fiscal Management

  • Review subsidies prior to 2014/15 budget adoption
  • Develop 10-year property tax analysis
  • Develop 10-year asset replacement plan
  • Explore a funding source for the Capital Improvement Program
  • Evaluate remaining deferred positions in 2015/16 – 2016/17 operating budget


  • Develop strategies for effective public engagement;  identify when to engage the public and what information is needed for success 
  • Identify and implement strategies to complete transportation projects in a timely manner