City Council Priorities

The Los Altos City Council has identified the following key areas as the highest priority items for the 2016 calendar year. Priorities were approved by City Council at the February 23, 2016 Regular City Council meeting.

Goal: Loyola Corners
Enable development of Loyola Corners Neighborhood Commercial Center that fosters economic vitality and meets community needs
Key Objectives Lead Department Target Date
1. Develop strategy to update the Loyola Corners Specific Plan Community Development 2/2016
2. Implement elements of the strategy to include public input and technical studies   6/2016
3. Update / revise the Specific Plan, as needed   7/2016
4. Rescind the development moratorium   8-9/2016
Goal: Downtown Plan
Develop and implement a visioning process that will provide the foundation for development of a Downtown Plan
1. Develop strategy to initiate a visioning process Community Development 4/2016
2. Identify economic "drivers" / develop related analysis   TBD
3. Generate 3-4 scenarios representing various levels of downtown development and the associated trade-offs for each   TBD
4. Engage the community in evaluating and recommending a desired scenario on which to build the preferred downtown vision   TBD
Goal: Community Center
Develop a plan for moving forward to provide facilities and programming that meet community needs
1. Conduct a comprehensive review of current and future programs and services offered to the public Recreation & Community Services 4/2016
2. Review structure and delivery of City-sponsored senior programs and ensure consistency at all locations   4/2016
3. Complete a comprehensive facility condition assessment of Community Center buildings   5-6/2016
4. Develop replacement / renovation / maintenance strategy regarding Community Center facilities   6/2016
Goal: Community Connection
Create opportunities for Council members to engage directly with residents
1. Implement weekly "City Council Open Office Hours" at various times and locations throughout the City City Council 2/2016