Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission Work Plan

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission's Work Plan outlines the goals for 2013/14.

School Commutes

  • Review criteria for designating suggested routes to school
  • Review process for maintaining and updating maps
  • Provide feedback on suggested routes to school
  • Identify projects for Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that impact school routes
  • Conduct a school commutes study session

Pedestrian Master Plan

  • Identify pertinent projects from Project Inventory
  • Develop the Pedestrian Master Plan

Quarterly Project Inventory Review

  • Create process for updating and quarterly review of Project Inventory
  • Create a spreadsheet to improve quality of data
  • Receive bicycle/pedestrian project data from sources that include the City Council, Planning and Transportation Commission (PTC), and the public

Community Outreach

  • Host a Bike to Work Day
  • Have a presence at select city events
  • Hold community and public meetings as needed

CIP / PTC Review

  • Review CIP and Commercial projects for bicycle/pedestrian impacts

Ongoing Activities

  • Attend monthly Valley Transportation Authority Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) meetings
  • Coordinate with Planning and Transportation Commission
  • Coordinate with neighboring cities' BPAC
  • Other projects as requested by Staff/City Council